About The Fuss Pot

Ken Ormston

"The Fuss Pot design is unique to the Australian horticultural industry, and as such is the leader in this burgeoning industry. Clients can deal with us with complete confidence. You will find our customer service and attention to detail second to none.

When off-the-shelf, chain store items don't feel unique enough for that special gift, ask yourself - are they a gardener? Would a Fuss Pot module fit the bill - sorry, garden?

The Fuss Pot concept can be very much the final missing piece in your gardening jigsaw puzzle."

- Ken Ormston, Creator of The Fuss Pot

The Fuss Pot is the brainchild of Ken Ormston, a retired electrician and bakery owner / operator who has always had a knack for invention.

Back in 2009, Ken began considering the potential of vertical gardens as a way for downsized retirees to maintain their love of gardening regardless of a lack of space or agility.

Ken began experimenting and over the course of six years, determined a series of beautiful, quality and practical designs that would suit almost any requirement.

The Fuss Pot has since received continued praise from customers and industry professionals alike, with the concept scoring a top ten placement in the 2014 Australian Backyard Innovation Challenge.

The Fuss Pot is the perfect garden solution for:

✓ Retirees
✓ Busy professionals
✓ Children (including Preschools and Schools)
✓ The Disabled

It is ideal for small spaces including units, townhouses and studios, and can even be used to bring colour and life to an office setting.

From decorative plants to fruits and vegetables, herbs or even mini-christmas trees, The Fuss Pot provides the perfect simple and rewarding gardening experience.

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