The Fuss Pot in the Media

As the designer of The Fuss Pot container garden concept, I was conscious of the many emotional, social and physical benefits that gardening creates.

With the elevation and ease-of-access that a Fuss Pot module provides, it is the perfect solution for people who might otherwise find gardening very difficult, particularly in a confined space.

Which is why I am in the process of instigating a number of initiatives to place this revolutionary product into the hands of a range of people around Australia who have so much to gain from its application.

Media activity is always at the forefront of any and all Fusspot advertising initiatives.

I was surprised and humbled to receive an invitation to the prestigious ACT NDIS Innovation Expo, and a subsequent write-up by popular local magazine The Canberra Weekly.

You can view the write-up here (page 28): Canberra Weekly, December 08 2016 Edition.

To learn more about the latest Fuss Pot initiatives, please contact me.

- Ken Ormston

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