The Fuss Pot Range

The Fuss Pot is the ideal garden solution for retirees, busy professionals, small spaces, offices and more!

Its clever design ensures gardening is not only simple and stress-free, but rewarding all year round. From decorative flowers to fruits and vegetables, herbs or even mini-Christmas trees, The Fuss Pot is the garden that keeps on giving.

Choose from our current range or contact us to discuss your custom design.

The Eden Range

Custom Garden Pots

• Stylish containers positioned to accept plants from a wide range available throughout the four seasons.

• Choose from 3-12 containers (depending on the types of plants you envisage you will be planting).

• 700-1200mm height, anchored to a sturdy mobile base.

• Containers are held securely with quick release lift-off feature.

• Container position can be varied to cater for growing plants.

The Utility Range

Garden Solutions for Small Spaces

• Single larger container and saucer mounted on a sturdy mobile base.

• Base secured with a locking pin; light gravel can be added for additional stability.

• A centre pole is fitted to allow 3 additional smaller pots above the base container.

• An optional attachment for climbing plants is available.

Trophy Range

Unique Garden Pots

• Inspired by the majesty of Downton Abbey.

• Completely designed and tailored to your specification.

• Height and number of modules dependent on the location for use (as determined by you).

• Unique up-market self-watering containers.

• Chrome or stainless steel shaft with granite base.

• Each feature stone table is fitted with a magnet to ensure stability.

Custom Designs

In essence, every Fuss Pot module is custom made.

You can choose from standard design fixtures such as a plywood base, plastic shaft and normal garden containers, or you can create a more up-market design with premium fixtures like a caesar stone base, stainless steel shaft and coloured, self watering pots.

You choose the height of the module, how many containers you want and so on.

So give us a call or send an email and have a friendly chat about how we can create a Fuss Pot module to suit your requirements.

Complementary Products

We have a number of complementary products to enhance the capability of your Fuss Pot module.

The "Parking Lot" is perfect for nurturing bulbs and seedlings until they are mature enough to be transported into your Fuss Pot or a traditional garden setting.

Extensions, additional containers or pots and wall-hanging fixtures are also available.

To find out more, contact us today.

The Fuss Pot

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